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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

Jan 27, 2014

Guest: Andrea Prestinario and Twitter: @andreaprestinario


01:10 Introducing Andrea

03:45 Intro to Meisner

08:50 Bryn and Andrea reconnect

10:14 Jake calls-out Bryn on living with women who are not his girlfriend

14:00 Finally, we let Andrea talk 

20:20 Three early survival jobs

22:32 *Name deleted to protect the guilty*

27:07 for web design

30:10 "You have to be worth it for a producer to pay more for you."

40:05 Working with a legend

45:13 A worthy derailment

49:00 Finally moving to New York… and leaving again. 

51:52 "The highs are higher, but the lows are lower"

52:43 Bryn asks Andrea if saying "Yes" to everything was helpful

59:05 Nilsa's New York perspective

1:03:00 Advice to the aspiring actor

1:07:43 Bryn plugs Andrea's next big show- with a falsetto.

1:12:05 Laura Scruggs: Documentary Filmmaker


1:21:54 Bryn's first Vine