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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

Nov 24, 2014

Guest: Bernardo Cubria

Twitter: @BernardoCubria


0:02:25 This week our guest is playwright, actor and podcast king Bernardo Cubria. His podcast "On and Off" was recognized in American Theatre Magazine's top...

Nov 17, 2014

2:37 - We've been doing the podcast for a year now!

5:55 - Why Nilsa joined the podcast

7:53 - Nilsa references podcast guest Erika Arneson as one of her favorites. =)

8:45 - Erika mentioned how she barters as an artist.  Nilsa’s dad would sometimes barter and did artwork on the stalks of guns.

10:40 - Bryn shares...

Nov 10, 2014

Guest: Emmi Hilger


0:00:30 Fiftieth Episode, y'all!

0:00:55 Our guest this week is Emmi Hilger, multi-talented director.

0:02:11 The New York side is now recording… in the Naked Palace.

0:04:11 Bryn is spending "Lisa and Her Things" rehearsals playing with...

Nov 3, 2014

01:43 - We welcome our guest, Jerrod Bogard, Bryn's writing partner:,, and

04:06 - Bryn update: Rehearsing  the play "Lisa and Her Things” and trying to get “off book” (memorize his lines).  See it Nov. 29th & 30th, Dec....