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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

Sep 22, 2014

Guest: David Holcombe

GRAFFITO - Teaser Trailer


2:12 Bryn will be taking over the Twitter of Soft Cage Films as he is a board member but also has many secret connections to other groups. Who is this man?

5:00 Bryn’s role in Yellow (City of Lust) is “pivotal” say all involved.

6:06 “Naked Palace Enterprises” is Bryn and Nilsa’s new production company name

7:00 The New York report

10:55 Bryn has been working a lot with our intern

16:00 “Dave… when did you decide that being an artist was going to be your thing?”

19:20 Teddy Ruxpin, for the younger listeners, is:

22:45 “I’m 20 something… I’m starting way too late” - David Holcombe

27:00 Bryn breaks his leg in high school wrestling practice.

32:00 The semester at sea that changed David’s life

37:43 The Disney World of alcoholics 


!!!!!! Warning start !!!!!!

41:20 The beginning of the controversial Vietnam tale involving live animal eating - skip ahead 15 minutes if you are not into goofy young dudes making mistakes.

47:00 The economics of cobra eating in Vietnam

55:23 End of scary cobra story and the beginning of Bryn meets David Holcombe adventure.

!!!!!! Warning end !!!!!!


57:30 Heavy handed story telling and the after effects.

1:01:45  GRAFFITO — discussion of the “banned” movie made by David Holcombe

1:13:00 Why Graffito is NOT the hero of the film

1:13:42 “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and “GRAFFITO” discussion 

1:20:34 Bryn views his August 27th, 2014 Facebook rant/manifesto as a sort of graffiti. 

1:21:30 The unspoken rule honored by serious graffiti artists.

1:24:05 Graffiti documentaries:

1:25:00 Nilsa’s personal tale of graffiti and her father

1:35:43 Another, non canceled, screening of Graffito screening will be on September 26th, 2014 at HQ


Controversy about GRAFFITO


Outro Music: "Everything's Coming Up Roses" Performed By: Klea Blackhurst Written By: Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim