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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

Jun 22, 2015

Guest: Tim Mooney. @Molierelover


3:09 - Tim Mooney defines for us what iambic pentameter means

3:54 - Alexandrine hexameter

4:57 - Why Tim Mooney has translated Moliere into iambic pentameter

9:45 - Some reviewers say that Tim Mooney's translations are the star of the show!

13:00 - Why does Tim Mooney do Moliere?

20:50 - Playscripts, Inc. has published 15 variations of Tim's plays and have now been produced about 150 times and have gotten lots of awards

23:53 - "Moliere Than Thou" was Tim Mooney's first one man show

29:30 - Tim would talk about Moliere to Kiwanis, Elks and Rotary and encourage them to come to the next show 

33:10 - Tim seducing women as Moliere during his performances

38:35 -Tim’s theory about one person shows

46:05 - Tim tours the 48 contiguous states, on the road 200 days a year

49:36 - The story of his one man show, "Criteria"

59:54 - *Monologues and sonnets for "Lot O'Shakespeare" with IAGO instead of BINGO card and genesis of "Lot O'Shakespeare," "Shakespeare's Histories, 10 plays at a breakneck piece" and "Breakneck Hamlet"

1:05:03 - Tim's methods of memorization

1:14:48 - Tim has written a textbook called "Acting at the Speed of Life”

1:28:24 - Tim likes to rehearse his show three times before the performance

1:30:08 - Tim’s "Macbeth" monologue


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Edited/Notes by Laura and Jake Scruggs. Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?” - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "The Devil Is In The Beats” - The Chemical Brothers