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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

Jul 14, 2014

Guest: Amanda and Tim Winters


Twitter: Amanda: @DailyChipCookie Tim: @Winters53 

Facebook: The Daily Chip


0:00:25 Our Chicago host are broadcasting from Manistee, Michigan for the annual "Snake the Lake" art fest 

0:01:35 We welcome Bryn's cousin and cookie mogul Amanda Deegan Winters with her economist and beer meister husband, Tim Winters

0:02:40 We give a shout out to our extensive show notes- yay, us!

0:05:05 Bryn has started writing a new project after stalling on "Manfriend" and his horror film. He doesn't want to get into too many details, then decides to spill the beans

0:13:40 Amanda came into town and left Bryn with a 4-week career plan

0:16:30 Nilsa accepted a temp job at a school for September-January

0:17:05 Nilsa got new headshots/comp card taken this week- and it was the most fun and painless that she'd yet experienced.

0:19:05 Bryn was Nilsa's fashion consultant on a 14-hour shopping spree for the headshot session

0:23:20 Tim gets a primer on how finding an agent works

0:29:00 You hear that@DanHarmon? If @Harmontown has experienced an influx of listeners, it's surely because @rufypod relentlessly plugs you

0:31:00 Amanda, the baby of the family has been perfecting her cookie recipe since college

0:34:30 The business model is "bake at home"  

0:36:10 The s'more cookie and the blueberry-oatmeal-white chocolate are currently in the test kitchen

0:37:15 was designed by talented graphic designer, Laura Hines

0:40:45 We get some reminisces of young Bryn from young Amanda

0:43:30 For some damn reason, young Bryn wanted to go to the Air Force Academy and had a predilection for throwing young Amanda over his shoulder and running around with her. Spankings may have been involved.

0:46:30 Let's just say Amanda bears some emotional scars from Bryn's obsession with horror movies

0:47:50 Bryn has been known to write and perform raps at people's weddings, including Amanda's and Tim's

0:56:15 And now, for your listening enjoyment: "The Ballad of T&A" (warning, it's nearly 9 minutes long)

1:07:30 Amanda has identified Bryn's super hero persona , Captain Profound, because he thinks everything he says is loaded with import

1:11:00 Nilsa gave Bryn an extra-special birthday card and an "Awesome" themed set of birthday presents

1:15:55 If you use the code "podcast" at and get 20% off of your first order


Outro Music: "Everything's Coming Up Roses"

Performed By: Klea Blackhurst


Written By: Jule Styne and Stephen Sondheim


"The Ballad of T&A" Lyrics By Bryn Packard; Copyright 2006, Renewed 2014 (With commentary by Amanda and Tim Winters)

A-bomb and Young Teezey…

For they wedding deezey…

Listen up, y’all

It’s time to wax rhapsodic

‘bout 2 tall lovers
I won’t leave ya catatonic

We’ve got joy and pain

And joy and pain times two

But fear not, dear friends

C’est denouement joyeux    (We went to Paris for our Honeymoon which is why Bryn sprinkled in French)

I get ahead of myself

I’ll rewind, just a bit

Roll some credits on the cast

So you know who’s in it

Amanda Lynn Deegan

Is the first on this rack

Born in the year The

Empire struck back

She swam like a salmon, (A: I was a competitive swimmer growing up)

Not so in to toys

I think she went to school

With the Backstreet Boys (A: Nick Carter went to my high school)

Or 98 degrees,

Or some such stuff

On with the meat,

Gone with the fluff


The DiscoDoggFather

Was a trusted advisor

She bailed out the pool

Because the coach despised her

And jumped in a boat

With seven other chicks

And spent her college years

In maritime conflicts (A: I was on the George Washington Varsity Crew Team) 

Her workout regimen would

Grind most joints to powder

She’s “Barbarian Woman” so

It’s best not to crowd her

She’ll conquer her body

Like a cross-training Hannibal (A: During our wedding I was training for triathlons)

…Then Marathon through the jungle

Dodging caimans and cannibals

Brawn and brains

An animal political,

Big woman on campus

And of lateness

She’s critical. It’s time to shift gears

In an X-Y direction

Now it’s the male

Pinned down for dissection




Day 1 of the season (T: I was born on the first day of winter)

That his surname takes,

Into a region known

For its crab cakes,

Was birthed a man-child,

To be known as Tim,

Who would earn

A merit badge in masochism (T: Eagle Scout!)

If you have no idea

What I’m talking about

Strap-in for this voyage

You’re going to find out


Child of the 70s

Man of the millennium. Started

College writing code (T: I began college as a computer science major and switched to economics)

On an IntelTM Pentium

Decide not to live

The life of code monkey

Partied with a crew that

Preferred their beats funky

Gave a big ol’ hug

To Bohemian life

Then got body slammed

By some academic strife

He found his re-paved road

To scholarly fruition was much

Preferred to setting fire to tuition

He decided: (T: I was rushing a business frat but decided to stop the night Amanda and I met)

“Greek life’s just not for me”

Which now brings us to

A fateful party…


I think the best way

To relay this thread

Is to give the separate versions

He and she said

Tim say: she stepped

From the sweetest dream

Into my life

She listens like no other,

Could she become my wife

In a time, not too distant,

I will have this girl

I’ll remain persistent

As my days unfurl

Savoring these thoughts

As would a dog a bone

He completely spaced to ask

The digits to her phone (A: He never asked for my number and we talked the entire party)

Let’s flip this around

To get Amanda’s view:

What do you think of Tim?

… Who?

There you have it, folks

It’s Fated love, for sure

They managed a brief courtship

That wouldn’t endure

Some Instant Message Banter

And a little “Almost Famous” (A: We went and saw “Almost Famous” on our first first date…love that movie)

Then it’s “Ta-ta For Now” and

She boots him on the anus

He landed on the curb

Aching pride and rump, sayin’:

“I don’t believe it,

I just got dumped” (A: Yep I dumped him., was not feeling a relationship)


(Bell break)


It’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

At the start of Round 2

Up to speed on Ms. Deegan

Is where I lead you

Heart-taker, Ball-breaker

And general tease

Besieged by pursuers

Begging “please, baby, please”

She’ll shred any suitor

Leave a lovesick filet,

All the while maintaining that GPA


Down but, not out,

Crushed, but not defeated

With wounds of romance

That remain to be treated

Our hero pushes on

With a singular goal

To seize upon the heart

Of this gangstalicious moll

He schemed and strategized

Found a brand new tack

Cuz what’s not to like

She pulls wood in the Potomac

“I’ll be a smooth operator

“Cuz the ladies seem to love it

“I’ll hold discourse on her fineness

“And she won’t tell me to shove it

So he sets the date

Through MicrosoftTM IM

She’ll see he’s the man

When she gets a load of him –so he says-

“Missed us, Miss-ss-ss?

“Now you gotta kiss-ss-us.

“No kiss that I can give

“Will cure those frog legs, Princess

“Cuisses de grenouille…mmmm, so delicious

“It’s time to recognize

“This upstanding lad

“And let me share some space

“Upon your lily pad (A: my AIM screen names was ADFrglgs, frog legs was a nick name in high school)

It didn’t take long

For his words to sink-in

She unleashed a firestorm

Of what she’s thinkin’:

“Did you just call me Mrs?

“I’m most certainly amiss

“And the length of my gams

“Are not your business

“Even with this new persona

“That you’ve tried to create

“You just ain’t man-enough

“…and 47 seconds late

“It’s a tough break bozo

“But you must relent

“Cuz you are the Winters

“Of my discontent  (A: I dumped Tim again)



With forces at work

That he’ll never understand

Once again his heart’s been pillaged

By that river rat brigand

Feeling so rotten

That he might ferment

He brought voice

To his sorrows

Wailing this lament:

“You know it’s hard out here bein’ Tim

“She’ll disintegrate my ego on a whim

“I’m sure, deep down, she’s real nice

“But first you got to melt that heart of ice (A: His friends hated me, my friends were not to pleased either)


So he emerged from the rubble

Of attempt number two

And steeled his resolve

For what he had to do

Time to get on with livin’

Or get on with dyin’

And our hero trudged on

Amidst a deluge of cryin’

He got himself employed

On the taxpayer dollars (T: I worked for the Monthly Retail Trade Survey for the first ten years of my career)

Bought himself some shirts

With plenty white collars

Crankin’ out reports


But that freakin’ harpy

Keeps haunting his dreams…


This is the part of the movie

Where you shout at the screen:

“You’re going to bad places

“That you’ve already been

“She’ll swallow you whole

“And declare: ‘He tastes mutton-y’

The acute diagnosis is: punishment gluttony

The womb of his obsession

Hatched another scheme

Yet another stratagem, yet another theme

Is he love’s General Patton?

Is he really that adroit?

Will he boom like Chicago?

Or bust like Detroit?


The field of play is the arena

Where I’ll make my stand

To trounce her in a contest

Is how I’ll win her hand

Hmmm, yeah, sure

Makes so much sense

Love is the logical progression

That defeat presents

So he set the race

With his desired consort

You’ll have to let me know how

That works out for you, sport


Race day came and went (A: I was supposed to run a 5k with Tim one Sunday morning but realized he was going to kick my butt so I drank a bit to much the night before and stood him up)

But she never showed

A date with firewater

Left her mortally slowed

Rather than face

Such embarrassments

She hid from the sun

In the room she rents

One shot down

Time for plan B

He’ll make his play  (A: He invited me to go night skiing when I saw him everything changed)

On the slopes and

Invite her to ski

Knock-knock on her door,

Looking smartly dressed

The Ice Queen can’t help it

She’s duly impressed

He was sportin’ some bling

And a fresh new scent

She bait-hooked his ass,

They’ve been together ever since



So their love’s trended upward

Exceeding market norms

Above the standard deviation to

Which most conform. Bringing

Them much joy

And efficiency. Their incentives

Were aligned for this matrimony.


What will their honeymoon bring,

Once the wedding bells toll?

Perhaps some public service

With his Gallup Poll

As they lounge on Myrtle Beach (T: we took a mini honeymoon right after the wedding to the beach prior to going to Paris in the fall)

Sipping Gin and Tonics

Then its back to the room

For some real Freakonomics

…Uh sir,

This really is a family affair,

Please refrain from being naughty

Like you just don’t care.

Good point my man,

I’ll drop the innuendo

And steer this weighty tale

To its final crescendo.


From Nemesis to Genesis,

Like Adam and Eve

This is the first strand

Of the story they weave

Will they be CEOs, Senators

Or Think Tank Gangsters?

Or something beyond the ken

Of us mere mortal wanksters?

Running and study’s

What they’re now about

And trying home décor concepts

From “While You Were Out”

Just take time to hold hands

And kiss on the veranda

Welcome to your future,

Timothy and Amanda