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It's “That Guy… Who Was in That Thing” meets "WTF" but with people even less well known! Sure it's fun to interview the crazy famous and ask them about the difficult years, but that's been done. Memories are plastic - we're getting the real dirt from people still crawling through it. Laura Scruggs is the playwright and Jake Scruggs is the technical guy who listens to a lot of “This American Life” and thinks that qualifies him to interview people.

May 11, 2015

Jake, Nilsa, and Bryn break down Bryn’s creation: “CJ3 Likes a Nice Catsy”   

You should watch it before you listen to this episode as we discusst it in detail and it is only 67 seconds long. And funny. Probably should have lead with the funny.


2:30 - Editing and uploading “CJ3 Likes a Nice Catsy” was the reason this episode started recording 50 minutes late. We tell the epic tale of woe that is amateur web video production with a happy ending!  No one was more surprised than me.

12:15 - there’s just nothing worse than a stinky, angry man

18:40 - A little bit of sad, crackhouse catsy song

28:05 - Nilsa speaks about the marketing plan of CJ3

31:26 - Nilsa got a call from an agent to verify that she speaks Spanish, got in the door. The agent sounded like Joey's agent from "Friends," but professional!

37:59 - Bryn has a tip of how to put a smile in your voice (from a SAG-AFTRA workshop)

41:40 - Nilsa doing a voice-over sample in Spanish

45:49 - Nilsa won't be on the podcast for the next month and a half because of a job with a law firm and she will also still be working at "Hogwarts!" 

48:00 - Laura is struggling with being at her job, since she is working at a children's museum and mourning the miscarriage

51:08 - Main issue/why Laura struggles with her job

58:20 - Nilsa will be directing a 24-hour play festival with Lone Star Theater and Bryn will be acting in it on May 24th 

59:05 - Jake got an Apple watch!

Tickets are on sale for the "Punk Grandpa" productions at Planet Connections

and Laura is doing vine puppet shows for the MOMA 100 Days


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Edited/Notes by Laura and Jake Scruggs. Intro Music: "Are You Famous, Yet?” - Laura Scruggs. Outro Music: "The Devil Is In The Beats” - The Chemical Brothers